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Simplicity itself

The Orbit lid is a revolutionary metal lid designed to better open and close jars, while also enhancing consumer experience regardless of age.

Its closing mechanism consists of a central, vacuum-sealed, floating lid and an outer ring that provides better product protection. It is precisely this ring that acts as the opening and closing device. A simple twist suffices to loosen the ring and break the seal with hardly any resistance. Consequently, the Orbit is an easy-open lid particularly ideal for the elderly whose dexterity may not be what it was. A user-friendly, functional container and one of the most popular systems on the market.

As easy as... 1, 2, 3



3- BREAK the seal

Orbit is simplicity itself. Just a simple twist is needed to release the force required to lift the seal. Followed by a 'pop' and you’re done.

Thanks to its technology

Orbit reduces the force needed to open a jar by up to 50 % in comparison to threaded lids.

Quicker and easier to open than a standard lid.

Specifically designed to be closed again.

Easily withstands sterilisation pressure.

Can be used on all standard jars.

Enhanced resistance to excessive force. The ring acts as a shock-absorber that protects the seal.

Standard capping lines can be easily adapted to fit Orbit lids.

Why consumers choose us

4 reasons to love the ORBIT lid

It’s such a simple mechanism that people ask how it works


We use sustainable production materials.


Recycled metal is used.


It’s manufacturing process helps make energy savings and reduces carbon emissions.

Long life

Because it reduces food waste, as containers are given a longer shelf-live in supermarkets.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Tapa Orbit™ received the following awards in 2011:

  • Gold in the Starpack Consumer Products category.

  • Supreme Gold at the Awards for the Best Metal Container held by the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA).

  • First prize at the WorldStar Packaging international packaging and packing awards.

  • Gold at The Canmaker Can of the Year Awards Gala at Istanbul, in the Ends, Caps and Closures category.

  • Three awards at the United Kingdom Packaging Awards in the following categories: Innovation of the Year, Metal Pack of the Year and Consumer Convenience Award.

  • First prize in the German Packaging Awards 2011 in the Packaging Sales category.

  • First prize at Silverpack Awards 2011.

  • Prize in the food category and as the “Promising Launch” at the Oscar de l’Emballage Awards.