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We at Orbit have twin goals. Firstly, to protect the environment, which is why we make our products in an environment friendly way. Secondly, to make people's lives easier. And precisely as regards the latter, we have loads of exciting projects to give a head-on solidarity twist to life


Remember messages in a bottle? That desperate, albeit romantic, way to look for help, which quite often figures in books and films.

The castaway or person in need used to throw a message in a bottle into the sea as a cry for help, identifying where they were in the hope it would be found and read be some decent person.

At Orbit we will soon be presenting a solidarity action based on this tradition. Though we’ll be changing the sea for the social media and this time round it will be solidarity minded people sending out a message to those “castaways” in need.

To be called #AbreteTarro, we’ll be back very soon with more info. So keep an eye on our social media outlets!