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The cleverest easy-open technology in the world

The cleverest easy-open technology in the world

It’s revolutionary, it’s evolutionary. Because you normally don’t have one without the other. To evolve you have to revolutionise; and a revolution only happens to meet an evolutionary need. And Orbit was created to meet a need: to come up with the cleverest easy-open in the world, where ingenuity replaces force. And this marks the beginning of the end of many an acquired vice to open a jar.

It’s so simple people ask how it works

Why is it that force was the main tool needed for so long to open a jar, when all of a sudden the Orbit lid comes along, needing just a simple twist and ‘pop’ to open it?

Because it has a ring system that enhances resistance to excessive force. The outer ring acts as a shock-absorber that protects the seal. Accordingly, slight pressure loosens the ring, lifts up the inside panel, breaks the seal and opens the lid.

It’s both simple and clever at the same time. So much so that the ex-Minister for Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, shared a tweet praising the technology used by Orbit to develop its easy-open lid. It is a great honour for us that a prestigious aeronautical engineer has highlighted Orbit as an advancement that helps to make people’s lives easier, which is our one and only goal.

Orbit easy-open lid advantages

 Easy-open lids have lots of advantages, but the best of all is that they clearly impact on consumers daily lives:

  • Our lids are quicker and easier to open than standard ones.

  • They are specifically designed to be closed again, thereby avoiding product property loss.

  • They are designed for consumers of all ages, both for novices and more expert users.

Because the Orbit lid is designed to be opened easily by everybody.