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Making life easier with a simple twist

Making life easier with a simple twist

Containers and container research must aim to meet market needs. What do we look for in a jar? Something as simple as comfort and durability. At Orbit, we want jar opening to be as easy as a simple twist of the hand. And that’s why we directed our creative powers to ensuring that you’ll never have to struggle to open a jar again, or resort to the use of unsuitable instruments.

Lockdown and the simple life boom

If we’ve learnt anything from lockdown it is to appreciate health and the simple life. COVID-19 upset our daily routines and made us stay at home for a long time. We rediscovered our homes, cooking and the pleasure of dusting off that homemade recipe and making it together, as a family… simple pleasures in the pursuit of happy experiences. And you can’t have it spoiled by being unable to open a jar.

According to a study by FMCG Gurus 2020, 62% of consumers seek happiness in food, in other words, food is a source of enjoyment and offers fun experiences that furnish unforgettable memories. This trend rose sharply after lockdown.

We at Orbit have been asking ourselves for a long time now how we can contribute to providing consumers with simple pleasures via our containers: by making their lives easier. So a simple twist can suffice to open a lid. That’s all!

A revolutionary lid designed to be opened easily by everybody

Orbit is a revolutionary lid designed to be opened easily by everybody, regardless of age, strength or dexterity. In three simple steps:

  1. Apply slight pressure to the outer ring,

  2. The inside lid lifts up,

  3. The seal breaks and the jar opens.

That’s how Orbit has managed to reduce the force needed to open a jar by 50 % in comparison to conventional threaded lids. What’s more, this lid is specifically designed to be closed again. And if that’s not enough, you can use the Orbit lid on other standard jars.

All with a view to making life easier.