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4 reasons to love the Orbit lid

4 reasons to love the Orbit lid

If you haven’t already fallen in love with the cleverest easy-open technology in the world, just read this and you will! It’s not that we’re going to convince you, no. You yourself will by simply answering this question, why continue to struggle opening jars when you can do so with a simple twist?

Here are 4 reasons to love the Orbit lid

The Orbit lid is SUSTAINABLE

Orbit lids are made of recycled metal, which helps save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

What’s more, its easy-open technology makes it possible to better preserve food by enhancing the effectiveness of user closing. If you close containers better, you make it possible to preserve food for longer, thereby maintaining its healthy and nutritional properties.

Orbit containers are so easy and comfortable to open and close that users want to keep them longer and, therefore, re-use them more often. All of which means a drop in food waste courtesy of the longer shelf life.

The Orbit lid is USER-FRIENDLY

 Easy-open lids have lots of advantages, but the best of all is that they clearly impact on consumers daily lives:

  • Our lids are quicker and easier to open than standard ones.

  • They are specifically designed to be closed again, thereby avoiding product property loss.

  • They are designed for consumers of all ages, both for novices and more expert users.

Because the Orbit lid is designed to be opened easily by everybody.

The Orbit lid means SAVINGS

 It’s manufacturing process helps make energy savings and reduces carbon emissions.

Moreover, its sealing system makes it possible to better preserve food, which means being able to store healthy and nutritious food for longer without losing its original properties.

The Orbit is a LONG-LIFE lid

The Orbit lid can be re-used on other standard containers. This means reducing food waste, because the content has a much longer home shelf-life.

Something that also greatly benefits shop shelf-life as well.

The Orbit lid is SUSTAINABLE

We use sustainable production materials. What’s more, the metal used to make the lid is the most recyclable one on the market at present.

Four good reasons suffice to choose the Orbit lid. But the most important of all is unquestionably the fact that it makes people’s lives easier, especially for those who find container opening more difficult.

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